Your design skills becoming obsolete

Your design skills becoming obsolete

“What will be your reactions when you are not needed anymore regarding your design skills?”
Maybe its time for an upgrade or just retire. Well, I have come across about Metaskills: 5 Skills for the Robotic age.

About creatives facing the extinction and pressures of being competitive of your design skills in the future. “Marty Neumeier, author of the 2012 book, Metaskills: 5 Skills for the Robotic Age, how designers can stay competitive as technology accelerates and more work gets turned over to machines and algorithms.”

He explains how the Robot Curve that he calls is threatening all creative people. Like on the typography which are now replace with designers who can make their own type style with precision, but the typographers are not. And they are gone.

Photographer is also one of another example on creatives, with the ever expanding stock photography, there are now less jobs for photographer as people are now into online ordering their creative photo in  a click of a button. They too are lowering their value and their fees.

“The future of work looks good—much more creative and fun—if you have this METASKILLS. —Marty Neumeier”

Those “metaskills” are essentially the skill of skilling yourself, allowing you to learn new skills:

  1. Feeling: empathy & intuition
  2. Seeing: seeing how the parts fit the whole picture (a.k.a. systems thinking)
  3. Dreaming: applied imagination, to think of something new
  4. Making: design, testing and proving the value of your designs
  5. Learning: learning how to learn

“Once you have the metaskills,” he predicts, “you can learn any new craft or subject and connect them in your mind. These are human skills but they’re not taught in school – yet.”

The real deal is that artist and designer has a lot to learn and like a graphic artist like me, learning is not stopping when you started working. It is a never ending of more learning(I hope I get that right).

How hard is your “metaskills”? And which ones needs more to learning and strengthening to be in the competitive edge.

Start the quiz:



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