What I look for in a candidate for presidency 2016.

What I look for in a candidate for presidency 2016.

Choosing for a right candidate is hard to find. There’s no perfect candidate not even one. For me, I would look at the credentials the achievements as a public officials. What was his contribution, is he a former legislator, what law did he author or pass that will be beneficial to our countrymen?

Lifestyle check is essential to any candidate. People are always keep watch on how you have been from the very beginning. Unexplained wealth, projects that are overpriced and unthinkable to be valued. That even yourself are having a hard time how to explained accusation on your exceedingly large properties that is impossible to be achieved in a small span of time as a politician. Not having an identity crisis on which soil to live in and discrediting your homeland.

Law abiding candidates or political individuals are another thing that we keep watch. Is he a humanitarian and upholds the law? Someone who obeys simple traffic rules and does not fight our police officers who are just doing their job. We don’t want “epal” politician to put their faces in a project they created not with their own money.

We need a president or father figure for our nation that will build unite our administration even if you are in different political parties.

As an individual we have to exercise our right, our freedom to elect or choose every six years. We have our own individual candidate and people really wanting to have change.

Debate is one avenue that we look too in our candidate on how they handle questions and delivering the right words for that will entice our listener and voters.


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