Print is not dead.

Print is not dead.


Print is dead.

Print is where I wanted work when I was just starting out as a graphic artist. And now they are all saying that print is becoming obsolete. Well, I guess not.

Innovation is the key, but giving what you printed free is better. We like free that s why we jump into the band wagon when we found out about something on the internet that is free and we try to in like a social media(gone with the days of forum).

Like this one I found that still into printing and lots of printing… vinyl printing. I like stickers, everyone like stickers. Creatively doing your own design would be a great and that is attention grabber design which attracts the prickly eye of people around you. Stickers are like a person personality, you pick-and-stick who you are that someone will see that sticker and see themselves to it and say.. “Yeah!” or nice.

As a creative graphic designer I usually pick design that are not familiar, cool… or sometimes intricately designed. There are simple typo graphic design, geometric design, doodle graphics, or plain drawn by a kid.

This is a tutorial that found wandering the net. A tutorial on print custom silk Screen die-cut stickers. The process will walk you through the valley on the printing setup up to the last output product. Printing was in large format squeegee silk screen and all the graphic design is gang up, and the die-cut is by a heavy machine. The only die-cut I saw here was people who presses the blade to the paper be cut. The amount printed was not just for that city, maybe its distributed all over United States not just Cleveland.

Linke here: Go Media by Jeff Finley

Hope you like what I find and may or not be an inspiration.

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