Online Media

/Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page _design - 1
Squeeze Page _design - 2
Squeeze Page _design - 4


Online Media

/eBook Design


eBook _design - 1
eBook _design - 2
eBook _design - 4

Online Media

/Email Newsletter

Food Cookbook - Email
Back Pain Tips - Email
Pet Care ad - Email


Online Media

/Photo Manipulation




Online Media

/Video Production & Editing



Myphone promo ad skit.

Myphone winners announcement skit.


Mobile App Car Crazee event.



Mobile App game trailer/presentation.




Mobile App short-film trailer.



Online Media

Digital media are any media that are encoded in a machine-readable format. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified and preserved on computers. Computer programs and software; digital imagery, digital video; web pages and websites, including social media; data and databases; digital audio, such as mp3s; and e-books are examples of digital media. Digital media are frequently contrasted with print media, such as printed books, newspapers and magazines, and other traditional or analog media, such as pictures, film or audio tape.

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