Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II new kicks look

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II new kicks look

The movie Matrix 2 chapter Neo found that he is the “ONE”, agents come rushing in to fight him and notice that they have “upgrades”. But this is not about the movie but about a sneaker. Now with the release of the legendary icon of sneakers in the history, our classic Chuck Taylor will be named Chuck Taylor All Star II.

Chuck Taylor All Star II

Yes, a new and exiting and more comfortable shoe the Chuck Taylor All Star II. The groundbreaking of this awesome shoe will be in store before August starts. When Nike bought Converse in 2003 because of bankruptcy Since then, they have up their sales, and Chucks were bestsellers again.

They have put in comfortability in the shoes so you can enjoy it more. I know some of us were addicted to this shoes and here in the Philippines bands brought back life to this Chucks specially the band Eraserheads. They have been powered by these great sneaker when their first album hit the store.

The graphic style and mainframe of the shoes were not changed but added optimum comfort. Their have been some designers collaborations, and some rubber collection. They say that this is not a special edition shoes but an update to the classic sneaker that we loved.

See the latest and more details in their website now.


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